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A Chicago Insurance Law Attorney Offers Six Tips For Getting Your Claims Paid

Chicago insurance law attorneys see it every day – suffering patients who have to jump through hoops to get their health insurance claims paid. If you've been seriously injured or have fallen ill, filing claims can be exhausting. You're already uncomfortable, tired and probably in pain. Yet, your health coverage company is denying you coverage, leaving you with thousands of dollars in medical bills. To minimize the possibility of a denial, keep the six tips below in mind:

  1. Always Use And Confirm Current Information
    ​You'd be surprised by how many times a claim is turned down because the policyholder simply didn't have current information with him when he was hospitalized or went to a doctor's office. If you have an old card, toss it, and make sure you have a new one. Also, check to make sure that every physician has your current address and phone number. Incorrect information can slow things down to a crawl. In fact, the American Medical Association estimates that missing or incorrect information accounts for up to 19% of claim errors.
  2. Give Notice As Soon As Possible
    Many of today's health insurance policies have a clause about timely filing. If your physician or other medical provider is submitting the claim for you, make sure that the provider’s office is aware of the time constraints. If you are submitting the claim, always notify your insurer as soon as possible. Turning in a claim too late can be fatal.
  3. Document Everything
    In addition to submitting your claims on time, you need to keep copies for your own records. You should document everything in writing. Keep copies of all correspondence, e-mails, and memos to or from your medical team as well as your insurance provider. Keep all bills, and keep all explanation of benefits (EOBs). If your injury or illness was caused by a third party, make sure you have copies of all correspondence with that party, their law attorney, and anyone else involved. Keep detailed notes of every phone call, including the date and time, a contact number, and the first and last name of the person you talked to. Record everything you've done to get your expenses paid. The more information you have, the more helpful it will be if and when you have to hire a Chicago insurance law attorney.
  4. Submit Claims Under All Policies
    Make sure you submit your medical bills under every insurance policy that may provide coverage. If you're involved in an auto accident, apply for reimbursement or payment through not only your health policy, but also your auto policy and the policy held by the person at fault. It's also crucial, however, to apply through your primary carrier first to avoid unnecessary delays and having to appeal if you are turned down by one or more carriers.
  5. Get Prior Authorization When Needed
    In many situations, prior authorization is needed for procedures that aren't routine. If you're having an unusual procedure or seeing a specialist of any kind, call your primary insurer and make sure the procedure is covered and whether they will authorize it. Make sure they will confirm their authorization in writing to the medical center or physician who will be treating you.
  6. Hire A Chicago Insurance Law Attorney To Assist You
    ​​If you're struggling with a long-term or serious illness or you've been seriously injured, hiring a Chicago insurance law attorney to represent you can be an enormous help. He can handle the paperwork, document everything, and represent you if your insurer denies you coverage. Contact a Chicago insurance law attorney in your area if you are battling with your health coverage provider; he or she can handle the complexities of your case while you focus on recovery.