James T. Nyeste Attorney at Law  CoverageLaw.com

Help For Retaining Attorneys & Co-counsel

Your client has a great personal injury claim, but the defendant’s insurance company says the claim is not covered. You need to contact Mr. Nyeste.

He will work with you to maximize your client’s recovery by exploring coverage angles you may not see or be familiar with. You may need to re-plead your client’s complaint. If the defendant’s insurance company brings a declaratory action, your client has an interest in establishing the defendant’s coverage, and Mr. Nyeste can assist you in that regard.

Likewise, if your client has a judgment against the defendant, Mr. Nyeste can assist you in suing to establish and recover the defendant’s insurance and in asserting a bad faith claim assigned to your client by the defendant-insured.

Mr. Nyeste is respectful of your relationship with the client. He can consult with you, co-counsel with you, or take charge of the insurance claim.